Searching for better? Choose something different.

Different isn’t always better, but better is always different. If you believe the current state of Agile training is ineffective, overpriced, and controlled by a select few, join Al Shalloway in creating an alternative.

The common current training methods are old in both content and format. Success Engineering has created methods from the team to Agile at scale based on the theories of Flow, Lean, and the Theory of constraints that are more effective than preset frameworks. We also use advanced, instructor-led, ongoing education methods that lead to learning in the workplace, greater retention, and significantly lower cost.

Choose Better and Gain Control 

If you’re an internal change agent, you can learn how to use our approach in your organization at a significantly lower cost than common training methods. You get to be back in control of how your organization proceeds with improving its ability to deliver value. 

To learn how you can get started, contact us or join the Amplio Community of Practice – a community organized to collaborate regularly, to share information, improve skills, and actively work on advancing the general knowledge of the lean-agile practice.

Free to join.

How to Reach the Next Level of Agile Success

“Amplio” means “improve” in Latin. At Success Engineering, we believe people must continuously learn how to improve their methods of adding value to their customers. Success Engineering is in the process of creating ‘amplios’  for teams, small scale, large scale, and SAFe. All of these are pragmatic approaches validated with real-world experience. Amplio Development: The Path to Lean-Agile Teams is our first offering.

About Us

At Success Engineering we consider the goal is to be able to successfully create products and services that add value to an organization’s clients. And in doing so, creates a great working environment for its people while sustaining and/or growing itself. All the while adding value to society. We believe that to accomplish this on a regular, predictable and sustainable basis one must take a disciplined approach that incorporates engineering, science and adaptive leadership.

Learn from Al Shalloway

Take the Disciplined Agile Value Stream Consultant Workshop from Al Shalloway, the agile expert who created it.  The DAVSC is the most advanced workshop on learning what it takes for an organization to be effective. It is based around the value stream, flow, lean, Theory of Constraints and more. Al works with other DAVSC instructors to teach the workshop at a deeper level than otherwise possible.