Amplio Consultant Educator (ACE)

Frequently Asked Questions

We’re already down the path of using Scrum. Do I have to abandon it to use Amplio?

Not at all. Amplio is designed to improve any approach currently being taken.  Amplio is also designed to take advantage of what people know. ACEs will work with you on how to extend and fill in the gaps of what you are already doing. They will work with you on what the next best steps forward are.

How do I become an ACE?
If you are already an experienced Agile coach/consultant, the best step is to join the ACE learning journey.
What is the Team ACE certification process?

Do one of the following:

  • Complete the Amplio Development Masterclass
  • Read the Amplio Development: The Effective Approach to Lean-Agile Teams and do a book writeup*
  • Read Being an Effective Value Creation Coach and do a book writeup* 

A book writeup is:

  • Write 3 one-paragraph summaries on concepts you liked the most
  • Write 3 one-paragraph summaries on concepts you either disagree with or feel need to be explained better


What is the ACE certification process?
  • Meet the qualifications for the Team ACE certification
  • Do a 40-60 minute presentation to the ACE community
  • Work on a Miro board project to help build the Amplio IP