The Amplio Adoption Checklist

When you begin an improvement initiative, you should ensure you are paying attention to the proper factors. Here are a few Amplio considers important yet which are mostly overlooked by framework approaches.

Consider the waste if your approach does not attend to these factors.


Download a copy of the checklist here.


The Adoption Checklist

  • Work toward having consistent organization-wide agreements that everyone follows to work together while enabling teams to self-manage how they work while meeting these agreements. Benefit: This enables having organization-wide agreements while enabling teams to have fit-for-purpose work methods. Creates alignment, lowers resistance, and lowers waste.
  • Provide teams that want a well-defined workflow to start and allow them to change it when the need arises. This is called an adaptive framework. Benefit: Teams get the assistance they need at the start while enabling them to adjust what they use as needed.
  • Provide people with the information they need when they need it. Benefit: This avoids overloading people with too much information while not requiring them to reinvent the wheel because they miss information.
  • Attend to the proper rate of adoption. Benefit: Avoid going too slow or too fast, which will stall an adoption.
  • Attend to the depth of adoption. Giving people too much to attend to may overstep what is possible and cause cognitive overload. Not giving enough may not make enough of a difference to see an improvement. Benefit: Having people use as much as they can to improve but not too much instills people with confidence and motivation to keep going.
  • Attend to the scope of adoption. Don’t go beyond what the adoption sponsor allows but show the damage any limits are causing. Benefit: Keep the sponsor happy by focusing on what they want while keeping them informed of any limitations they are creating.
  • Attend to the constraints the sponsor of the adoption puts on it. Benefit: Get the most bang for the buck you have.
  • Have the adoption be fit-for-purpose. Frameworks with pre-ordained practices may create more effort for the organization than necessary. Benefit: Don’t require people to do extra work because the framework tells you to.
  • Ensure you are providing support materials for new adopters. Don’t require people who are learning new methods to go on the path alone. Benefit: It makes it easier for people to learn new methods and be effective. This lowers resistance and the required motivation to succeed as well.
  • Take a system thinking approach. All of these factors work together; the more you attend to the whole, the better everything will be. Benefit: Create synergy by attending to all of these factors.