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Amplio Leader Development Program

About this program

The Amplio Leader Development Program (ALDP) is for organizations that want to take charge of how their Agile leads, at both the organization and team level, improve. It is focused on creating an internal learning community to make people more effective quickly and at a lower cost. It uses an engineering-for-success approach by creating an understanding of what stakeholders require for success.

A note by Al Shalloway:

I have been in the “Agile” space since 1999 when I started doing XP. Except when you need immediate training to undergo some shift in how you work, I have found it more important to learn over time. Studies have shown that intense training (more than 2 hours at a time) is ineffective with most information being lost within a couple of days. Training in the workshop also requires transference of what’s been learned to the workplace. The ALDP is designed around having people attend to improving themselves and those around them on a continuous basis. This enables people to always be looking at how to improve in their work.

The ALDP is organized to create a community of internal consultants, coaches, and managers who learn together how to help best improve the organization. It is composed of a variety of learning journeys where the different roles can learn and work together.

The program has top consultants work with team leads and managers to create a center of excellence to create a learning organization. Workshops and learning journeys are used to provide critical content and learning communities.


Set by you

Length of program

One year

Who is involved

Your best consultants and coaches. Plus management.


$10,000 for 6 people.


Live, virtual (Zoom)

Included Workshops and Learning Journeys

  • The Amplio Consultant Educators Learning Journey takes good consultants and makes them better.
  • The Amplio Value Coach takes team coaches (of any denomination) and both increase their coaching skills while providing a comprehensive understanding of why Agile works. At least one ACE must enroll in this program to enhance their coaching skills. The learning journey for participants is extended from 6 to 12 months as part of this program. This can be delivered as a private workshop if DXC has 10 or more seats in it
  • An informal Amplio Leadership Workshop geared around Lean Management, David Marquette’s Leader-Leader philosophy, and an explanation of what is required to improve organizations. 3-4 hours.

These programs are designed to enable the ACEs to guide this collection of leaders to continue to improve. The program requires a minimum of 3 ACEs to participate.

Supplemental Learning Journeys Available

  • The Amplio Business Agilityworkshop is designed to help organizations achieve agility in their product management and development organizations to improve both their effectiveness and efficiency.
  • The Amplio Development Masterclass is part of an eight-month program to take experienced Agile coaches and turn them into experts as well as take those somewhat new to Agile and give them the experience it normally takes someone years to acquire.
  • As consultants become more experienced you can create your own training program.

The Amplio System

The Amplio system is a combination of a well-defined success strategy, a decision-guiding platform, and utilizes a modern training approach.

Amplio Success Strategy. Identify what success means to your stakeholders and create the value to achieve it.

  1. Amplio GPS guides consultants to identify the challenges an organization is having and create an improvement backlog to eliminate them.
  2. Collaboration boards that facilitate teamwork, decision-making, and education.
  3. The Amplio Pattern Language provides roles, events, artifacts, and rules so people do not need to reinvent the wheel.

Decision guiding and learning platform. Learn patterns of cause-and-effect to accelerate value creation for stakeholders.

  1. Accelerator patterns are approaches for thinking slow and then taking fast actions. They improve the velocity of making good decisions by looking at past solutions and using known principles and practices.
  2. A platform built for extension so that you can fill in any special needs.

Modern Learning Methods raise the effectiveness of content delivery and implementation.

  1. In the workplace learning with Learning Journeys
  2. Thinking strategies are mini lessons to teach how to accomplish a required goal. While they are about educating concepts, they are organized around what needs to be accomplished.
  3. Knowledge checklists which act as learning paths.

Redefining what a coach is

Many Agile coaches today have devolved to be mere facilitators of a guide ensuring certain activities take place. But we need coaches who can see a better way to do work and who can guide their teams forward. All Amplio learning journeys come from instilling a powerful attitude in the coaches being trained as well as what’s needed to accomplish this.

In a nutshell, coaches should:

  1. be a visionary
  2. take responsibility
  3. have rational optimism
  4. have humility
  5. have empath and compassion
  6. act congruently, with integrity and authenticity
  7. take a systems-thinking attitude.

They also need to have the following capabilities:

  1. Know how to get clarity on what success means
  2. Have a deep understanding of what makes workflows effective
  3. Have an understanding of how people learn
  4. Be able to convey concepts to different roles
  5. Effectively interact with learners to enhance their personal effectiveness
  6. Have appropriate tools and methods to help people work together effectively

You can read more about both the attitudes and capabilities of coaches here.

Program details

The minimum starting program is described here. Additional people can be added to it based on a per-person basis.

Three experienced consultants participate in the Amplio Consultant Educators learning journey and the Amplio Value Coach learning journey. These create the core of the center of excellence. They will provide guidance to the rest of the participants as well as consultants and coaches not in the program.

Three solid team leads / Scrum Masters participate in the Amplio Value coach learning journey. This provides them with expertise in proactive coaching.

Widespread use of collaboration boards. This coaching will be about setting up and improving the center of excellence.  In addition, several collaboration boards normally reserved for ACEs can be used by any participant in the program. This enables a consistent offering across the organization.

Kickoff consulting included. As part of the program, Al Shalloway will work with the company to help set up the Center of Excellence. Approximate 3-4 hours.

For every three ACEs in the program, the participating organization gets one free hour of consulting hour by Al Shalloway a month.

Growing your own competency. Part of the program is growing management and coaches. The ADLP creates a center for excellence and can be tailored to your needs. The one hour a month should be about the COE since the Dr Is In will handle any questions.


Amplio Consultant Educators Program + Amplio Value Coach3x $1795$5,385
Amplio Value Coach3x $995$2,985
Day to kick of engagement (manager overview + COE set up)$3,000
Program Discount-$1,370


Benefits of the program

Near term benefits

  • Six or more of your people get cutting-edge training as well as the benefits of using several collaboration boards with their teams.
  • Creation of a center of excellence for your organization.
  • Creation of a fit-for-purpose approach instead of out-of-the-box frameworks that don’t fully apply to your organization.

Intermediate benefits

  • Year-long support by a thought leader in most every category of Agile methods.
  • Use the COE to provide coaching to other coaches not in the program.

Long term benefits

  • Create your own internal training program both for your staff and to provide to clients.
  • Integrate thinking strategies into your consulting work.
  • Work with Success Engineering to create internal training programs for your clients.

Benefit of the Benefits

  • Increase the morale of your teams by not forcing them to follow frameworks that don’t quite fit.
  • Retain your best people by providing them growth opportunities
  • Accelerate the delivery of the right value to your clients.
  • Lower the high-cost of training.
  • Enable your team coaches to help 2-3 teams instead of the typical level of one.

Amplio virtual collaboration boards

Virtual collaboration boards on Miro are more important than ever. While most people use them as virtual whiteboards, their potential impact is great. One or more boards are used each session. Each board is oriented toward identifying challenges and showing how to solve challenges. Here are 4 virtual collaboration board examples:

The challenges

The challenges board​ is a useful way to identify challenges at all levels (teams to organizations) and track the status of resolving them. 

Agile requirements and using Minimum Business Increments

Agility is predicated on creating small items of value. This board facilitates identifying stakeholders’ values and writing up what can be quickly created and released. 

Value creation structures

How people are organized has a big impact on how workflows. 

Do a pre-mortem

Take a little time to avoid some of the problems you will otherwise face. This based on Gary Klein’s pre-mortem


View all boards

Click "board details" to get more information on why these boards are so useful as well as to see the complete list of boards in Amplio.

Learn how current training methods are overpriced, ineffective, and incomplete.


The current Agile pricing model is about certification. It has kept prices higher than they should be and has resulted in ineffective training methods.

After the first few months of this program you can learn how to do your own internal training as well. Click here to learn more.

In today’s world, you need to take control of your budget both for coaches and for training.


Mindset and practices

Amplio is based on the first principles of Flow, Lean, and the Theory of Constraints. This means that it can be contextualized to any situation. It provides a simple start that adjusts as the teams learn by providing a way to tell which of several optional practices would be an improvement.

It also includes several essential practices that aren’t in popular frameworks.  These enable much better product management and workflow management.


The workshop is just the beginning

No workshop will transform a person alone. Even though Amplio facilitates learning in the workplace, more is needed. This is why after the first four-month offering, participants get an opportunity to review it (even if just for the Q&A session) and get enrolled in two sessions of the Value Stream Coach for free (a $790 value).

This gives participants access to senior Agile thought leaders for a year. They also get access to even more Miro boards and free updates.

All participants get a copy of the book on which the workshop is based: Amplio Development: The Path to Effective Lean-Agile Teams.

A follow-up train-the-trainer program is available for both independent consultants and those setting up internal training programs.

The course is a foundation for the consultant who wants to be able to train.

It is also the foundation for internal HR and Agile transition groups that want to grow their internal training organization at a low cost.


Al Shalloway

Al Shalloway is the founder and CEO of Success Engineering. Al is a recognized thought leader in the areas of: Lean, SAFe, Kanban, Scrum, design patterns, Acceptance Test-Driven Development, Lean-management, value creation networks, Lean product management and more. He is the creator of the FLEX system that is the heart of the Disciplined Agile Value Stream Consultant workshop. He has co-written 5 books ranging from Design Patterns to Agile at Scale. He holds Masters degrees in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science and Mathematics from MIT and Emory respectively. He is an international speaker. He is a former contributor to SAFe and SPC trainer.

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Amplio Learning Journeys

A learning journey is an ongoing process of skill development, unlike one-time workshops where retention is low. Learning journeys introduce information gradually for practical application in the workplace, emphasizing continuous learning.

Success Engineering promotes lifelong learning by offering ongoing access to learning materials. Private training can be arranged for accelerated curriculum transition.

Amplio Bootcamps

A bootcamp is a concise 3.5-hour workshop dedicated to a specific topic. Bootcamps are categorized into different levels, each with specific prerequisites outlined in their descriptions.

Integrated Q&A sessions and exercises are incorporated into all boot camps, with the final 30 minutes dedicated to interactive engagement. Every bootcamp includes a comprehensive workbook and a copy of the presentation slides.