How to Help Create Success for All Stakeholders

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A value coach is a person who understands how to help teams and organizations improve with the theories of Flow, Lean, and the Theory of Constraints while also understanding the basics of human learning and interaction. Coaches need to play an active role in helping teams improve. ‘Active,’ doesn’t mean they tell people what to do, which is not effective. This is not because people may resist when told to do something. Sometimes people want to be told what to do. But if you tell people what to do, they may do it without working through the details of what is involved. If they run into problems, they may not know what to do. This lack of understanding may have them abandon the suggestion. This creates the mantra of a coach as a guide.

This book Being an Effective Value Coach provides many of the concepts the author, Al Shalloway, has learned as an experienced team and organization coach and consultant over the last 20+ years. It will jumpstart any coach to be better regardless of the Agile approach they are taking.

The book has the following sections:

  1. The disciplined way to talk to people
  2. Useful concepts for a professional coach to know
  3. Coaching for improvement
  4. Consultants corner
  5. Advice on solving common challenges with Scrum

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