Amplio Development

Amplio Development: The Path to Effective Lean-Agile Teams is a workbook that supports Success Engineering’s Amplio Development Masterclass workshop designed for the business professional.

“Amplio” means “improve” in Latin. At Success Engineering, we believe that people need to continuously learn how to improve their methods of adding value to their customers. Success Engineering is creating ‘amplios’  for strategies and budgeting, for discovery (product management), and for development (team level). These can be used at all scales. An Amplio for SAFe will be made on demand. All of these are pragmatic approaches validated with real-world experience. The Amplio Development Masterclass is our first offering. If you are not ready to fully engage this advanced workshop, please join our Amplio Community of Practice (free) to both learn and get access to several useful virtual collaboration boards.

This book and the associated appendices are used in this workshop. Amplio Development is a subset of the full Amplio approach

Being a Professional Coach

A professional Lean-Agile coach is a person who understands how to help teams and organizations improve with the theories of Flow, Lean, and the Theory of Constraints while also understanding the basics of human learning and interaction. Coaches need to play an active role in helping teams improve. ‘Active,’ doesn’t mean they tell people what to do, which is not effective. This is not because people may resist when told to do something. Sometimes people want to be told what to do. But if you tell people what to do, they may do it without working through the details of what is involved. If they run into problems, they may not know what to do. This lack of understanding may have them abandon the suggestion. This creates the mantra of a coach as a guide.

The Amplio Scrum Guide

The Amplio Scrum Guide is an integration of Success Engineering’s Amplio approach and the Scrum Guide. The Scrum Guide claims Scrum is based on empiricism and Lean theory, but it doesn’t present any Lean theory. In fact, much of Scrum is inconsistent with Lean. The Amplio Scrum Guide provides an integration of Lean thinking with Scrum as well as incorporating a few essential practices not presented in Scrum. This creates a bridge from where people are to where they’d like to go.

Setting a Solid Training Foundation

The book The Path to Effective Lean-Agile Teams form the basis of the Amplio Lean-Agile Teams Masterclass. Click below to learn more about the masterclass.