Building Your Consultancy as an ACE

The ACE Program Gives You Materials To Be a Better Consultant

A central part of the ACE program is to provide materials to for ACEs to use. There are two levels to the program. ACEs who have a 6-month or annual subscription are given about a dozen virtual boards to use with their clientele. They can keep using these after their subscription runs out but the do need their own Lucid Spark license.

ACEs with an annual subsriptions are given more while their subscription is active.

The following is for ACEs with an annual subscription.

Being a good consultant takes more than experience. You need to know how to convey certain messages. Also, regardless of how experienced you are, it’s nice to have materials that make it easier to convey things completely. 

No license fees

PowerPoint materials


$995 6 months, $1795 annually.


Six 1 hour sessions a week. Breaks every 6 weeks.


Live, virtual (Zoom)

For ACEs enrolled with an annual subscription, the ACE program supports you in this in four ways:

  1. You have access to all of PowerPoint slides that were used in the ACE program
  2. You have access to all of the slides for short videos on Success Engineering’s YouTube channel
  3. You have access to a dozen or so virtual collaboration boards to use in your work.

And, as with all of the ACEs, the recordings of sessions are available which you can use to both refresh your memory or even use as lunch and learns.

You are free to use the PowerPoint slides in your work with the caveat that you cannot remove the Success Engineering branding or copyright information.  Otherwise, tailoring of the slides is OK.

The Amplio Consultant Educators Program. Why it’s not just different. Why it’s better.

The ACE program is about learning how to engage with your company or clients.
It’s about improving your understanding of how knowledge work works without having to reinvent the wheel.

It provides 4 times the content at 1/4 the cost over a time period of up to more than 20 times normal. And it provides a significantly better support system than any other approach.
The third one will be explained shortly.

First, from a content point of view.

The ACE program covers more scope than:

– the Disciplined Agile Sr Scrum Master
– the DA Value Stream Consultant
– the DA Coach
– Kanban
– Scrum@Scale


It also has mini-workshops on:
– Transition Management
– how to sustain successful SAFe starts
– how to increase innovation while providing great UXs

It does this over a 6-month period for only $995. Most people stay in the program for a year at $1795 as most consider the ACE program not just training, but lifelong learning. This long term period is good because it allows learning at a sustainable pace while giving you a support system over a long time. The program is also set up so that you can accelerate your learning if you want to.

The format is each week there are 3 1-hour content sessions, 2 1-hour Q&A sessions, and 1 working together sessions where collaboratively extend the state of the art. All sessions are live and are recorded. Every 4 or 5 weeks we take a break to allow people to catch up.

This is a better training method as people can continuously try out what they’ve learned with almost immediate help. It enables participants to tailor the learning journey to their own needs.

The availability of the recordings are just the start of the support system. Some make excellent lunch and learns. Many sessions from other Success Engineering workshops are also available. The ACE program also provides a dozen Lucid Spark boards to keep and use. And it allows for the use of the PowerPoints in the workshop while you are in the program.

Because of its flexibility, you can start any time. New participants are provided with an onboarding schedule so you can jump right in.