Amplio Certifications

Amplio’s certifications are provided to those people who have demonstrated an ability to grasp certain concepts. They are not about information. Getting information in the real world is simple – just ask Google or ChatGPT. Information is at everyone’s fingertips – but how to use it is often a rare commodity.

Amplio’s certifications build on each other. Current certifications are:

Amplio Foundations

Amplio Value Coach

Amplio Development

Amplio Product Owner

Amplio ACE

Amplio Foundations

Success Engineering offers learning journeys at all levels. You can start for free and learn more than you’ll learn in a paid entry-level Agile workshop. Or you can jump to our Amplio Consultant Educator Learning Journey, where you can learn to be the best of the best. Here are the paths:

Entry and foundational level (free).


Amplio Team ACE

There is getting more recognition that Agile has stalled. 2+ decades ago the Agile manifesto was a great pivoting point. But we’ve learned so much since then that is not widely incorporated in the Agile space. This includes:

  • Theories of Flow, Lean, and the Theory of Constraints.
  • What capabilities are needed to be effective at the team and organization level.
  • How people learn.
  • Why systems thinking is so important
  • How to create fit-for-purpose solutions as easily taking prescribed ones that may not work for you.

Amplio ACE

An Amplio Consultant Educator (ACE) is an expert Agile coach well versed not just in the Amplio approach, but other Agile approaches. This enables them to assist any organization in becoming more effective. An ACE is the best of the best.

The steps to being an ACE are:

  • Amplio Foundations Certification
  • Be enrolled in the Amplio Consultant Educators Program and attend at least 16 sessions
  • Demonstrate knowlege of the following concepts / practices