An Amplio Learning Journey

Create Your Own Training Program

Why Begin Your Training Program?

The benefits of setting up your training program include:

  • You know more about your organization’s needs than an outsider. Setting up your training program enables you to take an approach that fits your organization’s needs. Popular Agile approaches are solutions looking for problems. Amplio’s approach of first finding your problem and then configuring Amplio to fit it means you get an appropriate training curriculum. This avoids having an approach that’s not fit for purpose which often causes resistance.
  • You can do training at a pace that fits your teams’ needs. This enables the training to stick as well as not taking time away from their work. Learning over time enables learning by doing their work, not by playing games or simulations.
  • You can wrap your current methods with the training since Amplio is flexible and works from where you are. This enables you to take advantage of what you’ve learned.
  • Internal training done by people who know the organization is more effective than when done by outsiders who come in, do training and leave. This also creates the opportunity for follow-up coaching to be done by the trainer at a low cost. Amplio is also based on a pattern language – a set of solutions to recurring problems in a context. This means you can also tailor the training yourself to meet any special needs you may have such as regulatory issues or physical product development.
  • This program enables companies to set up their ongoing education programs with real content to them.

Since the materials are organized as a guide for a consultant to use with integrated short lessons as needed, the blend of training and consulting is up to you.

The benefit of these benefits:

  • Raise the skills of your people.
  • More engagement by them.
  • Better retention of them.
  • Have a better place to work.
  • Attract people with the benefit of ongoing education.

How it works

You can learn how to be licensed to teach these by joining the Amplio Consultant Educators Learning Journey and one or both of the workshops in the program. Depending upon your current skill set it could take you between 3-6 months to be certified as a consultant/trainer.  The materials are designed to be delivered from a consultant’s point. That is, you use the materials to discover your problems and then select solutions that are applicable. This is not only more effective, it is easier to teach this way.

There are two workshops in the program:

  1. Amplio Development Masterclass. A single to multiple team-level curriculum.
  2. Amplio Business Agility. An approach to Agile at scale based on value stream management.

Step 1: Enroll in the ACE learning journey to improve your understanding of Amplio as well as your general ability to consult.

Step 2: Enroll in the program or programs, you want to learn to present.

Step 3: Get certified in using the training materials for the workshop.

Amplio enables a blend of training and consulting

Amplio allows for you to decide how to blend consulting with training.  The materials provided can be adjusted to fit your needs.

Trainers can only train internally. They are not allowed to provide public workshops at this time.

Costs of the Amplio Internal Training Program

These are all-inclusive fees regardless of the number of people trained. There are no per-person license fees.

Amplio Development Masterclass (with ACE)

The first year cost $4326.50.

The second year cost $3490.00.

Amplio Business Agility (with ACE)

The first year cost $4886.50.

The second year cost $3490.00.

Both Amplio Development Masterclass and Amplio Business Agility (with ACE)

The first year cost $7223.00.   

The second year cost $4990.00.

How the pricing is calculated

  • The ACE program is $1995.
  • The Amplio Development workshop is $1195.
  • Amplio Business Agility is $1995.
  • The annual license fee for either workshop is $1995 each. For both workshops together is $3495.
  • ACEs get a 30% discount on any workshop they take.

The 12-month time period for the license begins when you get certified. But registering for that early gets you some training in teaching methods.

The reason for no per-person license fees.

The lack of per-person license fees avoids the issue of tracking how many people have been trained to figure out license fees. This is important because it enables certified ACEs to blend the material how they want to. Training is not always the right solution.  Having an annual fee enables the ACE to deliver what is needed when it is needed.

Note that if all you’re interested in is consulting, the ACE program by itself may be what interests you.

Why Success Engineering Is Doing This

A personal note from Al Shalloway, CEO of Success Engineering:

There are several reasons driving this for me.I have long felt that one of the failures of improvement initiatives is that people pick an approach, get trained in it, and then try to apply it.


This is a solution approach looking for a problem to solve. We need to flip this around – find your problems then see how to solve them. A blend of consulting to see what your problems are, with integrated training is required. I also feel that training costs are too high. They are both inefficient and the common focus on learning an approach first, before understanding your problems, makes them even more expensive than the high fees being paid.


Old-school training methods and a focus on certification exacerbate this. The core of Agile is learning. But we are stuck in how this is being done, using methods little to now better than what we had 20+ years ago. I am doing what I can to change this.