Creating new possibilities with effective Flow, Lean, and the Theory of Constraints

We don’t buy the common knowledge that adopting Agile has to be as difficult as it usually. Better ways should not be more complex. Nor do we believe that executives and managers are inherently non-Agile. They want quick value delivery; we need to talk to them in their language. Also, we don’t think training needs to be as expensive as it is – much of this expense being how long the training takes. So, how can new possibilities with Lean-Agile help you?

Success Engineering presents both workshops and events that create new possibilities. 

Our next event: Amplio Team Estimation – a Relative Estimation Method Based on Team Estimation. February 9th, 7am Pacific.

This event will have people learn Amplio Team Estimation, an estimation method based on Steve Bockman’s Team Estimation, by doing it on a Miro board. Members of the Amplio Community of Practice will also get a free copy of the board – although they will need their own license to use it.

Planning Poker, while ubiquitous, is seriously flawed. It compares things against an arbitrary reference instead of against other things a team has or is working on. An advantage of comparing similar things is that you don’t need to break each item down into its relative complexity, size, etc. We just use a general sense of effort it will take. This true relative sizing is what makes Amplio Estimation work so well. And the structure it takes makes it go faster.

I don’t take sides in the “To Estimate or Not To Estimate, That Is the Question” story. But if you are going to estimate, at least use a method that takes only 10-25% of the time that Planning Poker does, is more flexible in situations where expertise on some items is limited to a few people, and achieves better results. Amplio Estimation is about 60% Steve Bockman’s Team Estimation, 10% James Grenning’s Planning Poker Party (not to be confused with Mike Cohn’s Planning Poker, which is where Mike got his approach’s name), and 30% my own experience of using it for 15+ years.

You can register for this event here.  An article explaining Team Estimation, the forerunner of Amplio Team Estimation is here. An article on Amplio Team Estimation will be coming in the next few days.


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The Amplio Community of Practice

Discuss topics dealing with complexity, the risks of using frameworks, and how the lessons of engineering can be useful in product development. Also, discuss expert-level approaches at the team, enterprise, SAFe, and being a coach.

Every other Thursday

Presenter: Al Shalloway

Amplio Development

This workshop is part of an eight-month program to take experienced Agile coaches and turn them into experts as well as take those somewhat new to Agile and give them the experience it normally takes someone years to acquire.

Value Stream Coach

The Value Stream Coach is designed to supplement both the Disciplined Agile Value Stream Consultant and Amplio Development Workshops. It focuses on providing a few advanced topics not covered in either workshop.

Amplio Consultant Educators

The ACEs learning journey is designed to take experienced consultants and make them significantly better. It goes deeply into the principles and philosophy of Amplio. This enables ACEs to bring the Amplio approach to any other approach as well as deliver Amplio on its own.