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We offer free events to provide you with virtual collaboration boards as well as free presentations. 

In addition to offering learning journeys, we regularly offer free events using virtual collaboration boards and free presentations. View all of our past presentations by clicking below.

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Using the Complicated We Know to Deter the Adverse Effects of the Complex We Don’t

Knowledge work is complex. While we know a lot about how to do it, there is always the chance something will surprise us. What’s important to recognize, however, is that the biggest wastes result from non-linear events. A non-linear event is when a small event creates a large outcome. For example, one vendor used the imperial system and the other used the metric system causing the Mars Climate Explorer to crash into the planet.

The reality is there is always uncertainty, but we shouldn’t ignore what we know. The key is to use quick feedback to avoid non-linear events and to decouple events so that when something goes wrong it does not cascade into a bigger problem than it needs to be.

Wednesday, September 27, 2023, at 8 AM (PDT) | 11 AM (EDT)

Free and Available for Purchase Workshops

The Amplio Community of Practice

A free community for people who want to learn in a guided self-study environment.  Webinars presented on a regular basis. 

Presenter: Al Shalloway

Amplio Consultant Educators

The ACEs learning journey is designed to take experienced consultants and make them significantly better. It goes deeply into the principles and philosophy of Amplio. This enables ACEs to bring the Amplio approach to any other approach as well as deliver Amplio on its own.

Amplio Team

Amplio Team is an alternative to Scrum and Kanban. It is based on the principles that drive both but is a tunable framework so that it can incorporate the advantages of both without having the disadvantages each has. It is based on the book Amplio Development: The Path to Effective Lean-Agile Teams.

Amplio Development

This workshop is part of an eight-month program to take experienced Agile coaches and turn them into experts as well as take those somewhat new to Agile and give them the experience it normally takes someone years to acquire.