Creating new possibilities with Lean-Agile

We don’t buy the common knowledge that adopting Agile has to be difficult. Better ways should not be more complex. Nor do we believe that executives and managers are inherently non-Agile. They want quick value delivery; we need to talk to them in their language. Also, we don’t think training needs to be as expensive as it is – much of this expense being how long the training takes. So, how can new possibilities with Lean-Agile help you?

The first step is to acknowledge that other possibilities exist and that several essential concepts are missing. Agile has not changed considerably since Kanban was introduced more than a decade ago. Agile training hasn’t changed much for even longer than that.

A few of us are in the process of changing that. We’re putting together a series of seminars that provide much of the alternative perspective and essential concepts that we find are missing. Join us on our free events below to get learn about new possibilities and how they can benefit you and your organization. 

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The Amplio Community of Practice

Discuss topics dealing with complexity, the risks of using frameworks, and how the lessons of engineering can be useful in product development. Also, discuss expert-level approaches at the team, enterprise, SAFe, and being a coach. 

Every other Thursday

Presenter: Al Shalloway