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How to Move Forward Without Predetermined Frameworks

The 17th State of the Agile Report indicates that teams and organizations are moving away from frameworks. Today’s frameworks are preset solutions attempting to fit almost everywhere. It should be clear that any improvement initiative should:

  1. See where you are
  2. Understand your challenges
  3. Create an improvement path
  4. Start implementing the path iteratively

Our goals should include prioritizing, delivering, and measuring incremental customer and business value while accelerating time to market.

Several factors must be attended to when starting any initiative. These include the rate, depth, and scope of the initiative. Most of all, the practices settled upon must be fit for purpose. Frameworks tend to ignore all of the issues, which is why many people are looking to grow their own or selects parts that work for them.

There is a risk of leaving critical concepts and practices out when one grows their own.

A system’s behavior is based on the relationships between the components, not the components themselves. Pulling practices from disparate approaches will not work as well as having a cohesive view of the whole. You need to work toward having consistent organization-wide agreements that everyone follows to work together while enabling teams to self-manage how they work while meeting these agreements.

Amplio was originally designed as a way to create an effective workflow for most knowledge work companies. Over time it has expanded to improve other frameworks (SAFe and Scrum in particular) as well as just taking a Kaizen (small change) approach instead of working off on an improvement path.

This seminar will show the basics of how to decide what your “self-designed” approach should be. It’s easier than you might think – but you have to know how.

Session has taken place.

Recording here.   PDF here.