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In addition to offering learning journeys, we regularly offer free events using virtual collaboration boards and free presentations. The purpose of these sessions is to provide insights into both what concepts are missing and what concepts should be abandoned.

These sessions are presented live to Amplio Consultant Educators and Amplio Community of Practice members. Recordings are made available to the public within a few days. Sessions are about 30 minutes of presentations and 30 minutes of Q&A.

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[June 18, 8 AM PT] What is Amplio's take on Agile

Many people view the Agile Manifesto of 2001 to be the definition of Agile.

But not for all.

And never for me.

The reason is that even back then I recognized the need for systems thinking and a holistic view which is not in the Manifesto.

Since then, the theories of Flow, Lean, and the Theory of Constraints has come to the fore – creating new opportunities for an organization to manifest Agile. That is, to have business agilty.

This presentation will discuss what Agile is from Amplio’s perspective.

The Manifesto was not intended to be a banner forever. And 23 years in today’s world is 3 generations at least.

It was a manifesto about the need for effective teams and the iterative nature of creating value effectively. We have moved beyond this. Or should.

Join the Amplio Community of Practice to attend live. The recording is available a week later.

[June 21, 9 AM PT] Tom Gilb and Al Shalloway Guides: A broader and more-advanced ‘constraints’ theory. Theory of Guides (ToG)

Guides is the technology of negative constraints (don’t) and positive tools (do, use me). I have tried to go very deep and be very innovative in exploring this topic. It is a critical category of ‘requirements’ And it is the kind of thing not well positioned in traditional agile toolkits.

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[June 25, 8 AM PT] How to diagnose your situation to create an appropriate improvement path.

It should be self-evident that adopting a transition path to Agile should be tailored to the company involved. But frameworks are predetermined solutions which are pretty much the same regardless of who adopts them.

This session describes Amplio’s approach to seeing what your challenges are and how to create an improvement path to move forward. While not going into detail, it provides the reason this is important and the general approach to take.

Join the Amplio Community of Practice to attend live. The recording is available a week later.

Tom Gilb and Al Shalloway Podcast

Once a month Tom Gilb and Al Shalloway discuss a topic of importance. They present new ideas as well as look at old ones in different ways. In these unscripted vodcasts, Tom Gilb and Al Shalloway delve into the thrilling possibilities of Agile methodology and the conventions that stand in its way. The format is interactive, driven by questions from the audience. Let’s embark on this journey together as we explore the dynamic world of Agile and address the barriers that hinder its full realization. The next talk is in the list above.

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Amplio Learning Journeys

A learning journey is an ongoing process of skill development, unlike one-time workshops where retention is low. Learning journeys introduce information gradually for practical application in the workplace, emphasizing continuous learning.

Success Engineering promotes lifelong learning by offering ongoing access to learning materials. Private training can be arranged for accelerated curriculum transition.

Amplio Bootcamps

A bootcamp is a concise 3.5-hour workshop dedicated to a specific topic. Bootcamps are categorized into different levels, each with specific prerequisites outlined in their descriptions.

Integrated Q&A sessions and exercises are incorporated into all boot camps, with the final 30 minutes dedicated to interactive engagement. Every bootcamp includes a comprehensive workbook and a copy of the presentation slides.