There are many concepts that can improve both Scrum and SAFe. While both approaches are quite different, it is perhaps surprising that most of the concepts listed here would be useful to both. A short synopsis for many of these will be presented here along with links to more in-depth articles for some. We will be creating articles for those items without them.

Models & Theory

  1. The direction of improvement. We must first understand where we are heading in order to improve. Simple and the cost of complicated are often misunderstood.
  2. Making Scrum and SAFe truly based on Lean. Both Scrum and SAFe are batch planning systems. Lean provides a flow-based approach and a theory that can be used to fill in the gaps or extend both frameworks as necessary.
  3. How to attend to the value stream to improve adoption. Scrum covers only part of the value stream. SAFe has different scopes based on levels in the organization. It is much more effective to attend to the value stream than to try to work within a hierarchy.
  4. Why use the idealized value stream instead of value stream mapping. Part 1 and part 2.
  5. How to use a flow model in Scrum & SAFe instead of batching. Flow within batch planning is not the same as flow within flow planning
  6. See a post on How to deal with complexity. See a presentation on Navigating Complexity.

Improved Adoption

  1. Provide both a team and at-scale decision framework to use when you have challenges or just want to improve.
  2. Addressing the risk of Agile adoption.
  3. It is possible to create a fit for purpose quick start so that the team starts with a fit-for-purpose execution framework. While this takes a little more time by the consultant or Scrum Master involved, it can save a lot of energy for the team and can enable them to be more effective quickly.
  4. Creating better quick starts for Scrum and SAFe than what is normally provided. See Amplio@MidScale for a quick start at scale. A quick start for Scrum is TBD.
    How to start pilots at the team and at scale. More on the how to do pilots, but this is a good article to read in the meantime. Successful Pilots Can Hurt Going Agile.
  5. How to use assessments to create improvements backlogs. 

Product Management

  1. How using Minimum Business Increments (MBIs) and MVPs is much more effective than just using MVPs.
  2. Attending to stakeholders not just users.
  3. Why not use epics. 


How to include and talk to management. Management is not the enemy. We need to be able to talk to them from their perspective.


More coming I am sure.