Learning Journeys

Join the Amplio Community of Practice (free) to learn Amplio Foundations or the ACE Learning Journey to go deeper.

What is a learning journey?

Most workshops are of a one-and-done nature even though this means that less than 20% of information is retained after just a few days with this type of delivery.

Learning journeys take a different approach. Each presents information incrementally so it can be applied in the participants’ workplace and applied. This enables workplace learning, which is actually the only kind of learning that’s useful.

Success Engineering believes people should be lifetime learners, not 2-day wonders. Each learning journey therefore provides access to the information on an ongoing basis.

When a transition is going to start, private training that accelerates the curriculum can be contracted for.

Develop a learning journey for your organization.

A leadership program where a group of six or more people forms a center for excellence to support their teams and facilitate shared learning across the organization.

Creating your own training program.

Success Engineering is committed to lowering the overall cost of training while improving its quality. 

Learning Journey Summary

Success Engineering offers learning journeys at all levels. You can start for free and learn more than you’ll learn in a paid entry-level Agile workshop. Or you can jump to our Amplio Consultant Educator Learning Journey, where you can learn to be the best of the best. Here are the paths:

Entry and foundational level (free)

This level contains content that is useful, but not well-known. It is designed to be useful both for those with little or significant experience. 

  • Join the Amplio Community of Practice Learning Journey. Here you can attend a presentation every other week. Several Miro (virtual collaboration) boards are given away at no charge.
  • Book Amplio Development: The Path to Effective Lean-Agile Teams. This is the basis of the Amplio Development Master Class – a learning journey that covers how individuals and groups of teams can work together effectively.
  • Book Being an Effective Value Creation Coach. Learn how to convey important concepts to people. Knowing things is not so useful if you don’t know how to convey them. This is a unique book. It is not about how to listen or facilitate better per se, although those skills will improve by reading this.  This book includes how people learn and think and how you can take advantage of that. It shifts the coach from being a passive agent to being a true leader.

The team-level learning journey

  • The Amplio Development Masterclass workshop starts assuming no knowledge of Agile, so it is useful even to those new to Agile. We have found that even experienced people find value starting here since few workshops start with the basic theory on which all Agile methods are based.
  • The learning journey continues to provide advanced concepts including how multiple teams can work together. 
  • We have found that those intending to use Agile at only the team level find the more advanced concepts useful since few teams are truly autonomous.
  • Graduates of this program get a few months of entry into the ACEs program below at no additional charge.

For experts and those who want to become expert

  • The Amplio Consultant Educator Learning Journey. This is for experts to become more expert. It includes a “train-the-trainer” program as well. It incorporates Al Shalloway’s extensive knowledge of Scrum, XP, SAFe, Lean, Flow, and more. It blends this with his over two decades of how to coach, consult, and train.
  • This workshop builds on top of the Amplio Development Masterclass. People don’t need to take it, however, if they read the two books in the entry and foundational level. 

Corporate programs

  • Internal training programs. Take control of your own training where you can ensure consistency of objectives while enabling teams to work in ways that work best for them. Do in-workplace learning with incremental training while providing collaboration tools to improve effectiveness.
  • Consultant programs designed to raise the abilities of consultants at all levels. Use collaborative engagement methods to provide your clients a better understanding of what they need to do after an initial evaluation.

Amplio Learning Journeys

A learning journey is an ongoing process of skill development, unlike one-time workshops where retention is low. Learning journeys introduce information gradually for practical application in the workplace, emphasizing continuous learning.

Success Engineering promotes lifelong learning by offering ongoing access to learning materials. Private training can be arranged for accelerated curriculum transition.

Amplio Bootcamps

A bootcamp is a concise 3.5-hour workshop dedicated to a specific topic. Bootcamps are categorized into different levels, each with specific prerequisites outlined in their descriptions.

Integrated Q&A sessions and exercises are incorporated into all boot camps, with the final 30 minutes dedicated to interactive engagement. Every bootcamp includes a comprehensive workbook and a copy of the presentation slides.