Learning Journeys

What is a learning journey?

Most workshops are of a one-and-done nature even though it’s well known that less than 20% of information is retained after just a few days with this type of delivery.

Learning journeys take a different approach. They start by presenting a well-defined workshop but then give access to the material and Q&A sessions for up to a year. The workshop is designed to be taught incrementally over a matter of months so that participants can try things out, get feedback from their charges, and then ask the instructor questions. However, the rate of learning can be adjusted by those taking it – even being done in a matter of days when that’s advisable. 

Success Engineering offers learning journeys at all levels. You can start for free and learn more than you’ll learn in a paid entry-level Agile workshop. Or you can jump to our Amplio Consultant Educator Learning Journey, where you can learn to be the best of the best. Here are the paths:

Entry Level (all free)

Beginning workshop

  • Take the Amplio Team workshop. Go well beyond Scrum and or Kanban but learn the principles underneath both.

Intermediate workshop

  • Take the Amplio Development Master Class. This includes the Amplio Team Workshop and goes beyond it providing more principles and practices which are sufficient for coordinating several teams.

Advanced Workshops

  • The Amplio Consultant Educator Learning Journey. This is for experts to become more expert. It includes a “train-the-trainer” program as well. It incorporates Al Shalloway’s extensive knowledge of Scrum, XP, SAFe, Lean, Flow, and more. It blends this with his over two decades of how to coach, consult, and train.
  • The Value Stream Coach Learning Journey. This is primarily for graduates of the Disciplined Agile Value Stream Consultant workshop created by Al Shalloway. That workshop intentionally had some gaps in it to avoid overloading participants. This workshop fills them in. 

Why we need to go beyond current methods

.There is getting more recognition that Agile has stalled. 2+ decades ago the Agile manifesto was a great pivoting point. But we’ve learned so much since then that is not widely incorporated in the Agile space. This includes:

  • Theories of Flow, Lean, and the Theory of Constraints.
  • What capabilities are needed to be effective at the team and organization level.
  • How people learn.
  • Why systems thinking is so important
  • How to create fit-for-purpose solutions as easily taking prescribed ones that may not work for you.

Register for Upcoming Learning Journeys

The Amplio Community of Practice

Discuss topics dealing with complexity, the risks of using frameworks, and how the lessons of engineering can be useful in product development. Also, discuss expert-level approaches at the team, enterprise, SAFe, and being a coach.

Every other Thursday

Presenter: Al Shalloway

Amplio Development

This workshop is part of an eight-month program to take experienced Agile coaches and turn them into experts as well as take those somewhat new to Agile and give them the experience it normally takes someone years to acquire.

Value Stream Coach

The Value Stream Coach is designed to supplement both the Disciplined Agile Value Stream Consultant and Amplio Development Workshops. It focuses on providing a few advanced topics not covered in either workshop.

Amplio Consultant Educators

The ACEs learning journey is designed to take experienced consultants and make them significantly better. It goes deeply into the principles and philosophy of Amplio. This enables ACEs to bring the Amplio approach to any other approach as well as deliver Amplio on its own.