Minimum Valuable Increments

A minimum valuable increment (MVI) is a clear description of the minimum amount of business value that can be realized from a business perspective. It also details all the steps required for its release and realization.

  • It should be the smallest amount of value that is realizable because this speeds value realization and makes work easier to manage while keeping in mind transaction costs.
  • The focus is on delivering value from a business perspective. While it’s directed at the customer, it needs to be aligned with the business strategy. We call that “business value.”
  • It represents an increment of value.
Objective and why this is important

MVIs provide us with clarity on what is to be created and potentially released, next. The clarity is designed to create alignment so that the people involved self collaborate and need less outside coordination. They bridge the needs of the business with the needs of the development team.

MVIs are useful anywhere the release being contemplated is larger than a story.

Issues to attend to
  • Sjze of the MVI
  • Transaction cost of release
  • Target market
  • Who is required to build, market, sell, release and support the MVI
Implementation methods

Include here a path from not using it to using it. Have this tie to the scorecard

Symptoms, diagnosis and corrective actions

Late discovery of integration issues.

If these were due to being unaware of who is involved we can use the MVI as a documentation of who needs to be involved.

Guide for the Consultant

When people say they are using the pattern show them the issues and ask “are we addressing all of these?”

Questions to ask and benefits

How will I know when I can start working on the MVI?

This question sets up the rationale for a definition of ready (DoR) which can have us avoid starting the implelmentation of an MVI too quickly.

Other Resources

Resources on MVIs and other related concepts go here.

Article on MVIs

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