Purpose of this board

This board is intended to be used to:

  1. Identify challenges
  2. Explore how to eliminate them
  3. See what’s in your way from doing so
  4. Identify any action items you take

It also is a place to document all of the above to provide a common basis for teams to work together.

In addition to being a challenges board, it can be used for retrospectives.

This board can be used in several different ways:

  1. Used by a single team to discover their challenges. A single team uses the board to discuss the challenges the team is facing.
  2. Multiple teams doing a team retrospective at the same time. Have all the teams use the same table. Teams can use icons and emojis to identify which cards relate to their issues. In this way the teams learn from each other about the challenges they are having and possible solutions to them.
  3. Multiple teams focusing on how they work together. Several teams work on the board together about the challenges they have working with each other.
  4. Teams working across an organization. This is the same as #3 except that more teams are involved by having just one or two members of each team be present – typically the team leads and/or Scrum Master.

These boards can be used as a one-time exploration or as an ongoing process by doing the dynamic retrospective and then keeping it updated.

They can also be used when all members of the team are present and everyone works together. Or they can work asynchronously if folks are in different time zones.

Deeper Thinking

We call this a challenges board because challenges presence the objective we are trying to accomplish. Problems tend to focus on the solution we’ve already selected. To see more look at the “It’s Better to Talk About Challenges Instead of Problems.” chapter in the Being an Effective Coach: Leading by Coaching People to Create Value for Themselves and Others book.

Principles involved

Making a safer space that has clarity on what people are thinking will lead to greater collaboration.

This board is available to participants in most of Success Engineering’s Learning Journeys.

A picture of the Miro Challenges Board

You can see a video of how to use this board here.

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