Co-creating Partners

These are companies and individuals whom Success Engineering is working with to improve methods of being effective.

Joshua Barnes is the Founder and President of Process Mentors, Inc. We help organizations worldwide focus on delivering the highest business value in a shorter amount of time, consistently, sustainably, and with higher quality.  Our goal is for organizations to achieve business agility through learning teams that are part of a learning organization. Our service offerings include live training (virtual & in-person), on-demand training in partnership with Success Engineering, just-in-time training and coaching, agile transformation leadership, and value stream management.

Beneficial Consulting has a focus on non-tech agile. We are interested in how teams like Marketing, Legal, HR, and Business Change may use agile, particularly for organizational restructuring and business transformation. We are developing new frameworks and leadership models to create enterprise agility.

Cecil ‘Gary’ Rupp is a 35 year veteran in the software industry and the author of four books on software development practices. Through his company, Command Results, Gary helps his clients apply Lean-Agile practices to deliver customer-centric value profitably through software and compete in our digital economy.

We help CEOs and Product Development Companies whose teams struggle to deliver value to customers within deadlines and budgets, by training them to quantify and measure customer improvements and to prioritize accordingly. They learn to consistently deliver world-class products and services that the business and customers love, early and within budget.

Novavi focuses on excellence in intent-based leadership, renewing joyful ways of work, and adaptive initiative oversight. Novavi is based in New Zealand.