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Being an Effective Value Creation Coach

The last presentation “The Essence of Agile Explained with Lean, Flow, and the Theory of Constraints” (further down this page) explained how the theories of Lean, Flow, and ToC provide deep insights into why Agile methods can work.

This webinar on Thursday March 23, 2023 at 7 AM (Pacific Time) explains how coaches can take advantage of this deep knowledge. Topics include:

  1. Using the science of Agile in coaching

  2. What is a value creation coach?

  3. The core attributes of a value creation coach

  4. What’s the difference between experts and those with less competence?

  5. The pickup sticks model of creating a curriculum and conveying complex ideas

  6. It’s not a debate

  7. What to say to someone when they just don’t get it

  8. How to get management to listen to you

Getting executives to understand Agile by talking about value streams. The content of the webinar is covered in one hour. The remaining 30 minutes are for Q&A.

The content of this webinar is described in further detail online: Being an Effective Value Creation Coach by Al Shalloway with Paula Stewart.

Presentation & Event Recordings

The Amplio Challenges Board

The Amplio Challenge board is a great way to see what your challenges are and what you can do about them. It can be used as the centerpiece for a one-shot collaboration effort or as an ongoing documentation of your challenges. It can be used for identifying challenges, explore how to eliminate challenges, see what’s in your way from doing so, and identify any action items you take.

This recording event will be available to the general public on March 24, 2023. For members of the Amplio Community of Practice, the recording is available now.

Amplio Team Estimation – A Faster, More Effective Estimation Method Than Planning Poker

This event has people learn Amplio Team Estimation, an estimation method based on Steve Bockman’s Team Estimation, by using a Miro board. Members of the Amplio Community of Practice can get a free copy of the board – although they will need their own license to use it. Read about it here.

The Essence of Agile Explained with Lean, Flow, and the Theory of Constraints

This live session presents the essence of Agile based on what we’ve learned in the 20+ years of the Agile Manifesto. It presents what Agile is by presenting the essence of Lean, Flow, and the Theory of Constraints. Each of these has a few key lessons that not only illustrate the essence of Agile but provide insights on how to achieve it. 

Taking Scrum Into the 21st Century

The Scrum Guide now says that Scrum is based on Lean. However, there is little in Scrum that incorporates Lean thinking. This talk will present a minimal set of Lean principles and two concepts that will greatly improve your Scrum adoption. This talk is for Scrum adopters who want to improve how they use Scrum. This talk will focus on steps to take to improve Scrum. While it won’t talk negatively about Scrum, it will show you how to go beyond it when called for.

Explaining the Essence of Agile With Value Streams

Agile is often explained in terms of incremental building and delivery. It is more useful to take a holistic view and attend to the flow of value creation in the value stream. Agile should not be focused on the development part of product creation but the entire path from concept to consumption. This presentation discusses challenges in value creation and what you must look at to overcome them.

Using the History of BLAST (Basic Lean-Agile Solution Team) to explain how to solve challenges in the workflow.

BLAST was created as a one-off solution in 2007 to solve the company’s challenges with multiple teams working together. This presentation discusses how we arrived at a solution using the theories of Flow, Lean, and the Theory of Constraints. Therefore, the points discussed in the presentation are useful for learning how to use theory to create new practices and coordinate the work of 2-9 teams. To see a writeup of BLAST, go here.

Using Value Streams to Explain Lean-Agile to Executives

Executives want business agility – the ability to deliver value predictably to their customers faster, with high quality, and sustainably. But they are not interested in Lean-Agile; they just need to use it. This presentation will show you how to introduce value streams to executives to explain what an organization has to do. It will show how attending to value streams can increase innovation, speed time of delivery, lower risk, and reduce costs. All the while helping align the organization.