No more workshops. Let’s start a collaborative engagement.

We call each of Success Engineering’s collaborative engagements “amplios”. Amplio is Latin for “improve”. Amplio means a method for improving where you are and on an ongoing basis. Success Engineering has two families of amplios – one for teams and one for organizations. These are called Amplio@Team and Amplio@Scale. These sub-products enable specialization based on size and if the organization is already following an existing approach. Choose one below to get started.


Amplio@Team is designed to help a team, or small group of teams, learn how to be effective in Agile development. Amplio@Team can also be used to tune a team already doing Scrum, Kanban, or another approach.


Amplio@Scale is designed to help small to midsize organizations improve their ability to deliver value to their clients while improving the quality of life of their employees. Two Amplio@Scale workshops are being offered - Amplio@Midscale and Amplio@ForSAFe.