Free Resources for Individuals, Teams, and Organizations

Success Engineering is continuing the practice of making most of our IP available online at no cost. We believe that most of the challenges that individuals, teams, and organizations have with their attempts at improving their work are mostly due to a lack of understanding of what is needed. Most people are following frameworks instead of learning how to think for themselves. The latter is actually easier, more effective, and much less expensive.

Events & Presentations

Creating new possibilities with effective Flow, Lean, and the Theory of Constraints as the foundation of our work and virtual collaboration boards to help learn them.

Both our content and how we deliver it is cutting. The lack of first principles and full-day workshops makes learning expensive and ineffective while requiring additional coaching. We offer both workshops and free events to help people learn new ways.


Core Resources

This section contains some resources to books or other pages we refer to frequently.

The Penta Model, by Tom Gilb and Al Shalloway. A replacement for the ill-conceived “Iron Triangle.”