Amplio Consultant Educators Learning Journey

Scrum Master Track

Upping Your Scrum Master Game

While the Amplio Consultant Educators Learning Journey was created to make good consultants better, a Scrum Master track has evolved in it allowing them to fill in the gaps of Scrum and make it more effective.

The learning journey is only $150 a month for 6 hours of live instruction and 4 hours of Dr Is In sessions every 4 weeks. 

Scrum is designed as a simple framework to get teams up and running quickly. This works to an extent. But when you find you are stymied, it does not provide you with how to get out of the situation.

Virtually every problem Agile teams sface discussed on LinkedIn can be ameliorated with systems thinking integrated with the theories of Flow, Lean, and the Theory of Constraints. These can be added to whatever an Agile or Scrum team are doing. 

You don’t need to abandon Scrum. But you must extend it, sometimes taking it outside of scope of Scrum.

Making Good Scrum Masters Better

Amplio is a full system. This subset of the ACE program is geared to teams attempting to Agile, either via Scrum or other generic Agile methods. By learning this subset, a Scrum Master can move towards becoming an Agile coach since they will know how to go beyond Scrum.

Why we need to go beyond current methods

These concepts are not hard to learn. A Scrum Master or team lead that knows this can greatly accelerate the performance of teams: 

  1. Systems thinking is the foundation of Amplio. It helps shift our focus from blaming people to looking at what’s wrong with oru workflow.
  2. The minimum business increment which enables us to focus on what can be delivered with value fastest.
  3. How to use MVPs a la The Startup Way
  4. Management’s role in Agile helping teams to work together.
  5. How to tell if a change to a practice will be an improvement or not.
  6. How to get Product Owners and Scrum Masters to work together.
  7. Create a good relationship between the business and development.
  8. Why and how to use Team Estimation instead of planning poker.
  9. The characteristics of an Agile Coach that will enhance their ability to help teams.
  10. The core principles of Flow, Lean, and the Theory of Constraints.
  11. Creating alignment to lower coordination costs.
  12. Using double-loop learning to challenge your assumptions.
  13. How to tell if you should be using timeboxing or flow.

The list goes on.

Amplio focuses on the objectives required for creating value that leads to success. When these aren’t met, instead of blaming people for not doing what they should, Amplio provides you with insights on what’s leading them wrong.

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