The Amplio Community of Practice Coaching Curriculum

This is a summary of the Amplio Community of Practice Coaching Track. More information is available in the workshop. To see the full materials, join the ACoP.     Here’s the announcement of the program

Future lessons are provided without active links to indicate the curriculum path.

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Lesson 1 Agile Coach as a Guide. Recording of Session. Watch a vibrant discussion on what it takes to be an effective coach. Different intentions and atttidues are discussed. 

Lesson 2. The Attitude of an Effective Coach.

Lesson 3: Filters, transformations, and triggers. This is a recording of a coaching track session in the Amplio Consultant Educators program. This discussion regarded how people don’t really listen to what is being said as it is getting transformed automatically by their brain. 

Lesson 4. Active Speaking is when you attned to what the other person is actualy hearing.

Lesson 5. Why You Should Never Say “follow until you understand.”It’s tempting to tell people what to do. But it’s not effective, creates resistance, and is disrespectful. It’s possible to get an understanding from the beginning by taking advantage of their dormant knowledge.

Lesson 6: Learn how to talk to management so that they don’t interrupt your workflows with new work unless there is a solid business reason for it.

Lesson 7: Look for errors to be the result of the system before blaming people.