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The Amplio Community of Practice

What is the Amplio Community of Practice?

Agile is at a cross-roads. As people discover frameworks are not the panacea many thought they were, there also don’t seem to be a lot of alternatives. Worse, many people have spent the limited training dollars they had on what may have been a good start but is now a quagmire.

The Amplio Community of Practice is designed to help those looking for better ways but don’t have a training budget to do so.

The good news is that a tremendous amount has been learned since the Agile Manifesto. These actionable theories can be used to create just as great a mindset shift from the common state of Agile as Agile was from Waterfall. In doing so, people don’t need to abandon what they’ve learned or what they are doing. By extending their knowledge base they can get surprisingly better in a surprising short amount of time.

The ACoP is based on Success Engineering’s Amplio approach. Which, in turn, is based on the actionable theories of Flow, Lean, the Theory of Constraints and human-centered development. To be truly effective requires an integration of what can be done, how to choose from options and how to enroll people in new possibilities.

Success Engineering has created this free community of practice to provide a way for people to learn a new way of thinking along with a guided, self-study program.

It is important to learn both what can be done, how to choose between these options, and how to convey ideas to people.

The community of practice has four main tracks:

  1. Amplio Foundations. This track provides insights into how to use Flow, Lean, and the Theory of Constraints. These can be used to improve any method people are currently using.
  2. Amplio. This track provides insights and practices not found in popular frameworks but that are essential in helping teams and organizations more effective.
  3. Amplio Value Coaching. Supercharge your ability as a coach. This track presents the concept of a coach as guide- leading without telling.  This track presents different insights and practices in the Amplio Value Coach workshop.
  4. Amplio Team can be thought of as what Scrum would look like if it were based on Flow, Lean, and the Theory of constraints.  It enables people using Scrum to accelerate their ability to solve their challenges and go beyond Scrum when it is beneficial to do so.

Different information is presented on each of these tracks as follows:

  1. Live sessions most every Tuesday at 8am Pacific for Amplio Community of Practice workshop members (free).  These sessions present a topic for 20-30 minutes with 30-40 minutes of Q&A. These sessions are recorded and are available on Success Engineering’s YouTube Site. These sessions mostly cover what’s missing in the popular frameworks. These insights can be used to help people having challenges with these approaches. They are part of the #Amplio track.
  2. Al Shalloway writes 1 to 2 blogs a day covering these tracks. They are tagged with #AmplioFoundations, #Amplio, #AmplioCoaching, and #AmplioScrum, respectively.
  3. The information for each of these tracks in organized is the Amplio Community of Practice workshop and includes selected videos of interest.

Click here to see a summary of the Amplio Community of Practice Curriculum so far – and what’s planned in the near future. 

Questions can be asked at the live sessions and on the Amplio Consultant Educators LinkedIn group.

For those who want to go deeper, it is suggested they look at the Amplio Consultant Educators Learning Journey – a 6-12 months program that teaches and expands the state of the art.

Upcoming live sessions are described here.


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Next session: June 4; 8 AM PT Diagnosing your situation so that you can create an improvement path that works for you.

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About the ACoP, A Note From Al Shalloway

I’ve been in what’s now called “Agile” for well over 2 decades.

It was exciting at the start – the promise of high-quality products, empowered teams, effective working conditions, and solving the problems facing most corporations. Unfortunately, 2+ decades after the Manifesto for Agile Software Development we seem to be closer to waterfall than what our vision was.

I believe that we have lost our way by taking a path of certifications in frameworks instead of looking at what is truly going on. Since 2006 I have been analyzing what works and what doesn’t.  What I have found in the success over this time that is mostly missing in the current Agile space is an understanding of first principles. Instead, most rely on empiricism only.

Kant suggests that “experience without theory is blind.”

Deming points out that knowledge is acquired as one makes a rational prediction based on theory, then revises the theory based on comparison of prediction with observation. Knowledge is reflected in the theory. Without theory, there is nothing to revise, i.e., there can be no new knowledge and no learning.

The current state of affairs has more to do with churning out and acquiring certifications. While not bad in themselves, but not what should be being focused on.

To counter this, I have created the Amplio Community of Practice to provide a guided learning journey. The ACoP will guide a person in most any role to greater understanding and expertise. The learning journey is guided by me. I will provide weekly assignments.

Recordings from past sessions are also available for you to peruse, depending upon your interest.

We meet most Wednesdays at  8 am Pacific. These sessions will be a combination of presentation and questions and answers. A community discussion board is available to answer questions. 

My promise to you is that if you join and put in 2-3 hours a week, you will learn extremely valuable concepts that are not widely known in the Agile space.

If you are a Scrum Master looking for experience you will find that this learning journey can leapfrog you ahead of more experienced Scrum Masters who do not have the deep understanding that a scientific approach can provide. 

What Others Are Saying

The Amplio Community of Practice(ACoP), is a stellar opportunity to guide you in your understanding of how to tap your existing knowledge of various Agile frameworks and methodologies to move you beyond the dogmatic practices to a place where you are able to choose the best options based on understanding First Principles and Constraints. It is an excellent introductory level to understanding how best to maximize your Agile knowledge to deliver value in your consultancy, coaching or business environment. Patrick Taiwo

Why a community is necessary

A note from Al Shalloway:

In “Unlimited Wealth”, Paul Pilzner posited that wealth equals physical resources multiplied by technology (including information) raised to the nth power where ‘n’ is the effects of technological advances. The industrial age brought great advancements because it greatly increased the technology available. But the industrial age is still one of a zero-sum game. A zero-sum game occurs when there is a transfer of wealth from one person to the other but the net wealth remains the same. For example, a person may buy a stereo from a store and the person now has a stereo and the store has some money but the net wealth of the two entities remains the same.

The information Age shuffled in yet another major wealth-creating potential. For the first time, we didn’t need to be enmeshed in a zero-sum game. Wealth can be multiplied in every transaction. If one company has information of value and provides it to another company, now both companies have the information. While the industrial age enables us to create wealth faster by leveraging human physical strength, the information age allows us to create wealth through sharing it. With artificial intelligence, information is now being created from information itself.

The potential now is advancing the state of technology. Fortunately, how to do this is already known. The question is not creating new methods but taking existing ones and enabling organizations to apply them.

I feel that the potential to change the world may just require making everyone wealthy by doing what we already know how to do.

“Never underestimate the power of a small group of committed people to change the world. In fact, it is the only thing that ever has.”Margaret Meade

Watch Past Presentations

Some recordings are only available for community members.

A note from Al Shalloway

In 1999 I formed Net Objectives with the mantra “Effective Software Development Without Suffering.” I later changed that to “Effective Software Development With Joy.” As I have grown older I’m becoming clear about my mission on the Earth plane. It’s about helping people achieve success via an engineering approach that leads to joy. People often mistake my mission as to be promoting what I am doing at the time, be it design patterns, XP, Scrum, Lean, Kanban, SAFe, or now Amplio. But these are all means to an end – helping people do better in their working environment.

The key words here are “success”, “engineering”, and “joy.” Joy is the goal, success is the target, and engineering is the approach. People often equate engineering building overpasses, but it is much more involved than that. I like Albert Einstein’s observation that “Scientists investigate that which already is; Engineers create that which has never been.”

Billy Koen gives a great definition of engineering in Discussion of the Method: Conducting the Engineer’s Approach to Problem Solving –  “The‌ ‌engineering‌ ‌method‌ ‌is‌ ‌the‌ ‌strategy‌ ‌for‌ ‌causing‌ ‌the‌ ‌best‌ ‌change‌ ‌in‌ ‌a‌ ‌poorly‌ ‌understood‌ ‌situation‌ ‌within‌ ‌the‌ ‌available‌ ‌resources.”

I study what works and what doesn’t. I change my model based on the reality of what I’ve seen. I recognize that my methods are incomplete in that everything I’m aware of can be improved and I am not aware of all I should be. But this incompleteness and lack of perfection are no reason to not take advantage of what we do know.

My intention is to convert learning from what is often a painful experience of realizing you’ve been doing something wrong to the joyful experience of discovering a better way.

The purpose of the Amplio Community of Practice is to create a community that wants to join me on this journey.

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Amplio Learning Journeys

A learning journey is an ongoing process of skill development, unlike one-time workshops where retention is low. Learning journeys introduce information gradually for practical application in the workplace, emphasizing continuous learning.

Success Engineering promotes lifelong learning by offering ongoing access to learning materials. Private training can be arranged for accelerated curriculum transition.

Amplio Bootcamps

A bootcamp is a concise 3.5-hour workshop dedicated to a specific topic. Bootcamps are categorized into different levels, each with specific prerequisites outlined in their descriptions.

Integrated Q&A sessions and exercises are incorporated into all boot camps, with the final 30 minutes dedicated to interactive engagement. Every bootcamp includes a comprehensive workbook and a copy of the presentation slides.