1. People struggle with Scrum because they haven’t been adequately prepared in their initial training.
  2. Many teams are required to do Scrum, and they are trapped in it.
  3. People struggling with Scrum are disrespected by many Scrum proponents who don’t take responsibility for this situation.

These three things have led to a vicious cycle of people being stuck in poorly executed Scrum.

We are committed to improving this situation. This is why I’m offering 12 Steps to Effective Scrum. It solves the first two issues above. It teaches concepts in a way where participants learn in their actual work environment – not in exercises in a workshop where you still have to figure out how to transfer them to your workplace.

Its format is up to the participant. It can be taken in a day as e-learning with live Q&A support for six months or as an instructor-led workshop with one lesson a week for three months and another three months of support. It can also be used as a weekly lunch and learn where teams watch the live sessions together every week with the person in the workshop.

The workshop includes content not delivered in any Scrum workshop we are aware of yet, which I find essential. This includes better ways to analyze customer needs and how to deal with complexity. It also provides you with five virtual boards that you can use with your team during and after the workshop (you’ll need a Miro license to use them outside of the workshop). These include a team challenges board, lean coffee board, AAR, clean slate, and a decision framework to help you see what practices you should be using. This training is not designed to be one and done but instead now and forever.

As part of our commitment to change the industry, we are pricing this not on what it’s worth but at a price that will enable it to be widely taken – $395 per person. You get live training at an e-learning cost. And you get access to Al Shalloway every week for six months. I can also deliver this as a private workshop in a format that fits your needs.

Help me change the world one Scrum team at a time. Start with yours.


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