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Transition Management

About this bootcamp

Teams and companies often embark on Agile initiatives without adequately considering their human dimensions. This oversight virtually guarantees resistance and significantly impedes success. It’s imperative to prioritize the human aspect in such endeavors. People often draw parallels with past experiences and develop emotional attachments to the current situation, even if it’s suboptimal.

The Transition Management bootcamp integrates transition models outlined by William and Susan Bridges in “Managing Transitions” and Chip and Dan Heath in “Made to Stick.”

“Managing Transitions” offers a straightforward and concise model for addressing key considerations during transitions, while the Heath Brothers present numerous anecdotal practices that complement this model.

The bootcamp furnishes change agents with a framework to guide organizations toward embracing new ways of working. It offers insights into essential areas to focus on during a transition, including actions to engage both management and teams, and strategies for establishing transition management and monitoring teams.

Specifically, it provides guidance on establishing a transition management team responsible for determining the shape of the transition, and a transition monitoring team that offers a supportive environment for discussing progress and challenges.

Next Available Dates

Tuesday, April 2, 2024 | 8 AM to 11:30 AM PST (11 AM to 2:30 PM EST)




One session (3.5 hrs)




Live, virtual (Zoom)

What is included


Start an Improvement Initiative

Explore a comprehensive checklist outlining the topics covered in this boot camp for initiating initiatives.


Addressing Resistance

A thorough discussion on the underlying causes of resistance and effective strategies to minimize its impact.

Practical Tools

Some table work guides you in setting things up, along with instructions on how to use two virtual collaboration boards to assess the transition’s risks and identify actions that could lead to its success.


Al Shalloway

Al Shalloway is the founder and CEO of Success Engineering. Al is a recognized thought leader in the areas of: Lean, SAFe, Kanban, Scrum, design patterns, Acceptance Test-Driven Development, Lean-management, value creation networks, Lean product management and more. He is the creator of the FLEX system that is the heart of the Disciplined Agile Value Stream Consultant workshop. He has co-written 5 books ranging from Design Patterns to Agile at Scale. He holds Masters degrees in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science and Mathematics from MIT and Emory respectively. He is an international speaker. He is a former contributor to SAFe and SPC trainer.