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The ACE Learning Journey in a Nutshell

The Amplio Consultant Educators Learning Journey is a community of people learning together while extending the state of the art of business agility, consulting and coaching. . While led by Al Shalloway to convey Success Engineering’s Amplio approach, its true intention is to create leaders at all levels.

The ACE Learning Journey is an ongoing education system where people learn and create together.

Being successful in leading organizations in effective change requires knowing what to do (and why), how to decide on implementations, and how to convey the benefits of this to others. It is not possible to separate these skills and still be effective. The ACE Learning Journey therefore has three tracks:

  • Business Agility. What must be accomplished and why? This expands on the content in the Amplio Development Master Class and is supported by the book Amplio Development: The Path to Effective Lean-Agile Teams. This covers what you need to do.
  • Amplio Consultant Educator. Understanding and deciding on implementations based on Amplio Foundations (the science of knowledge work). It concerns itself with helping organizations decide how to improve themselves. It includes models of transitions. Consultants must help discover and decide on the steps that will result in improvement. This includes what is good now, what is possible to improve, and how to get from here to there.
  • Value Coach. How to convey the concepts needed for people to understand how they can improve their work.  A good coach guides people to improve their perspectives to take correct action. This track is based on the content of the Amplio Value Coach and is supported by the book Being a Value: Leading by Coaching People to Add Value For Themselves and Others.

There is also a self-study track so participants can learn additional topics of interest.

Supporting all of this are two Q&A sessions. All sessions are one hour, take place on Monday – Thursday at either 8 am or 1 pm Pacific. All sessions are at 8a m Pacific, Monday through Thursday.

It is not expected that participants will attend or even review all sessions. The ACE Learning Journey is more like a college with tuition. There is a huge offering that is ever-expanding. Participants attend those sessions they find useful.

Virtual collaboration boards are used both in the live sessions, with many being provided to participants to use in their work. Most slide decks are also made available.

It also includes 1/2 day sessions on advanced topics about every other month.
While the new coach and business agility tracks are new and start the week of February 26, there is no start or end to the workshop. Instead, it is an ongoing learning program with new material being created and presented on a regular basis.


Familiarity with Agile

Cost and Duration

$195 per month, $995 for 6 months or $1,795 annually.

Half day workshops every other month

Included at no extra fee.


PowerPoints that are used and virtual collaboration boards.


3 one-hour live virtual sessions a week providing content and 2 Dr Is In Sessions – Mon-Thu 8am Pacific. All sessions are recorded. No sessions about every 5 weeks.

About the Amplio Consultant Educators Learning Journey

The ACE learning journey encompasses several elements: an ongoing initiative tailored for coaches and consultants aspiring to enhance their skills from proficient to expert levels, a collaborative network of experts aimed at mutual learning and the innovation of more potent strategies to foster business agility across all tiers, and a resourceful community of experts accessible to the broader business sphere, offering solutions that surpass conventional expertise.

An invitation from Al Shalloway:

The ACE learning journey is a unique opportunity to learn with a group of experts as peers. But it’s much more than that. Many of us believe there is a better way to together to improve the effectiveness of individuals and organizations. The ACE Learning journey is a community of experts creating this next generation of Success Management. We are working to change the world by changing how people approach their work. I especially invite you to join us if you have a sense that not only is this possible, but that you want to participate in it.

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed individuals can change the world. In fact, it’s the only thing that ever has.” Margaret Mead 

What they are saying

The ACE training program goes far beyond basic Agile training. Agile, Lean, Flow, Theory of Constraints, and much more are all weaved together, resulting in a unique set of workshops in terms of style, content, and presentation. There’s plenty of interaction between Al and the participants to ensure these workshops go far beyond the theories and address practical ways of applying this indispensable knowledge.   Peter Sperling

The Amplio Consultant Educators is the crown jewel and an entirely different approach to knowledge sharing and community learning, it comprises a diverse group of experienced Agile practitioners who constantly share diverse approaches and ideas but continue to challenge assumptions and develop new shared knowledge. The dynamic nature of the group is in itself Agile in Motion, very much worth the cost of admittance as it helps you become a much better coach and consultant. The focus is on making Agile work better by tapping into existing knowledge and diverse experiences, always challenging assumptions to discover new ways of getting better at doing Agile, which cannot be overestimated. It feels more like a group of peers hanging out and sharing their various experiences, it elevates existing knowledge and experiences to greater heights and fosters better understanding through great collaboration.  Patrick Taiwo


The Amplio Consultant Educators is designed around the needs of expert consultants who want to get better.

Like a university, the program is geared towards what it produces at the end of the cycle while having introductory material for whatever level those who join are at. The audience is therefore, essentially anyone who wants to be a better practioner, consultant or coach.

It is also designed for consulting companies to use to both improve their staff and to offer unique services to their clients.

Core materials are also provided for self-motivated team coaches who want to go from a novice Scrum Master / Team Coach to an advanced consultant.

It can also be used by organizations that want to bring tailored, effective training into their organizations at a significantly lower cost than paying outside consultants. One no longer needs to choose between high cost or training that doesn’t fit the organization’s needs and creating your own. It also enables consistency of training across the organization without imposing specific methods on individual teams.

If you are a Scrum Master looking to differentiate yourself from other Scrum Masters, take a look at the special sub-program we have for you here.

The ACE Program is more than a learning journey. We are a community creating a better way of working – from the team to the entire organization.

Learning Objectives

Take coaches and consultants to a high ability in both coaching and consulting. The end goal is the same, the path taken is dependent upon the level of capability people are at in the beginning and the amount of effort they apply to learning. 

Includes Other Workshops to Learn at Your Own Pace

Success Engineering’s Other learning Journeys are included by making recordings of them available to participants in the ACE Learning Journey. Participants can get questions answered in the weekly Dr. Is In Sessions.

Workshops included are:

Includes Live Half-Day Workshops Every 2-3 Months

Half-day public workshops are offered that ACEs can attend at no additional fee. All of the materials here are part of this learning journey. They are presented in lieu of the normally scheduled presentations. Recordings of these sessions will also be available. 

Planned workshops include:

  1. April 2.  8-11:30am. Transition Management. Once you have a plan, you still need to manage it. This session integrates the approach of William Bridges’ Managing Transitions: Making the Most of Change and the Heath Brothers’ Switch: How to Change When Change is Hard.
  2. tbd The Role of Management in the 21st Century. Management plays a key role in leading transitions to better ways. 
  3. tbd How to unstagnate SAFe. A few key concepts is all you need. This mini-workshop will go over the concepts required.
  4. tbd How to create software from the user’s perspective. Most software interfaces and experiences are horrible. Only software would put 9A after 10. Most software is designed from the systems’ perspective instead of from the users’ perspective. It’s not hard to shift, but it first requires an acknowledgment that we have to. 

Selected Concepts Rarely Offered Elsewhere

Several sessions are led by participants as it creates the opportunity to grow the community and give experience in making presentations. Some of the unique concepts in the curriculum are:

Amplio virtual collaboration boards

Virtual collaboration boards are more important than ever. While most people use them as virtual whiteboards, they can be used for learning, decision-making, and working together. Take the link below to learn more about the boards and which ones are available to you. Participants get copies of the boards after three months in the program. 

View all boards

Click "board details" to get more information on why these boards are so useful as well as to see the complete list of boards in Amplio.

Grounded in the science of learning and integrating coaching

It has been well-established that intensive training over 1-4 days is very ineffective. Over 80% of the information presented is lost in just a few days. It’s why no college teaches this way. People learn best in little chunks and where they can apply it between sessions. The Amplio Consultant Educator learning journey is an ongoing study program. Three one-hour sessions are provided each month. 

Amplio’s approach is based on Peak: Secrets from the New Science of Expertise and Seeing what others don’t: The Remarkable Way We Gain Insights. “Peak” tells us that it’s essential to stretch people’s skills a little on an ongoing basis. Presenting concepts in patterns instead of just practices makes the material more applicable and creates the foundation for continued learning. “Insights” provides methods to enable people to connect the dots of the advanced concepts presented.  These two approaches manifest each week based on a virtual board that participants use to see a problem and learn how to solve it. This not only trains participants in needed skills but these virtual boards can also be used in their workplace.

Great information has little value if it can’t be conveyed in the workplace. Amplio Development, therefore, integrates coaching methods in each lesson.

Learn concepts and practices not in any popular framework

ACEs learn concepts and practices not in any popular framework. We have found these to be essential to be able to tailor an approach to a particular situation while keeping it simple for the adopters. These concepts create a coherent approach and can be adjusted to the situation at hand. 

Mindset and practices

Amplio is based on the first principles of Flow, Lean, and the Theory of Constraints. This means that it can be contextualized to any situation. It provides a simple start that adjusts as the teams learn by providing a way to tell which of several optional practices would be an improvement.

It also includes several essential practices that aren’t in popular frameworks.  These enable much better product management and workflow management.


The workshop is just the beginning

The ACEs learning journey is a year long endeavor that we encourage people to renew. Each year new concepts and Miro boards are presented. This is really a life-time learning journey but at a cost of a 2-3 day workshop each year.

Learning facilitator

Al Shalloway

Al Shalloway is the founder and CEO of Success Engineering. Al is a recognized thought leader in the areas of: Lean, SAFe, Kanban, Scrum, design patterns, Acceptance Test-Driven Development, Lean-management, value creation networks, Lean product management and more. He is the creator of the FLEX system that is the heart of the Disciplined Agile Value Stream Consultant workshop. He has co-written 5 books ranging from Design Patterns to Agile at Scale. He holds Masters degrees in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science and Mathematics from MIT and Emory respectively. He is an international speaker. He is a former contributor to SAFe and SPC trainer.